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Ay yo! We’re back with our next up-to-the-minute scoop on the trends, tips, tech and talent that are shaping TikTok as we look forward into 2023.
  • Survey: We asked, the people answered. Here’s what they said
  • Trends: What’s hot, and what flopped.
  • Updates: - Digital items and their growing relevance
  • Creators: Who’s shining on TikTok and why
  • The future: What’s next!
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      OK COOL works with the world’s most progressive and ambitious brands, expertly transforming them into masters of TikTok.
      And we’re happy to help yours, too.

      Mastering TikTok is currently the smartest move a brand can make. We’re here to help you conquer formats so you can impress with your own, unique take on cultural moments.

      We can also help to identify the communities your brand will benefit from reaching – as well as how to entice them.

      Not only that, but we can direct you on how to bring the joys of TikTok to your current audience, too.

      Sound good?

      OK COOL’s six Golden Rules for TikTok
      • 1. HUMAN
        This is perhaps the most important way of securing engagement and community. Brands that can relate to their audience will always thrive more than brands that act strictly business.
      • 2. CREATOR LEAD
        The platform would be nothing without the constant talent, skill and relatability of creators. We know our way around the Creator Marketplace and have access to a wide range of high quality, of-the-moment creators, spanning all interests and communities that could elevate your brand to new levels.
        TikTok has an affinity for sound and music - a lot of the most viral posts from the platform are backed up with popular sounds that captivate millions of users every day - and that’s what we specialise in. Our Music Production Team have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to viral and mimicable sounds - as well as having the ability to make custom sounds that are on trend and capture your brand’s voice.
      • 4. UNEXPECTED
        New platforms bring new media techniques to the table. Swift transitions, unique effects and savvy editing styles will either make or break a video. Our TikTok studio is fluent in all of the above. We’re savvy in the ways of making all of these trends work for you.
        We get how the algorithm works. It’s not all about going viral, but about successfully pathing out a durable and sustainable pathway for your brand to exist authentically on the platform. We excel in bespoke TikTok by providing community outreach and management on an elite level.
      • 6. TARGETED
        Not every brand is trying to appeal to the same audience - TikTok is made up of a vast ecosystem of niche communities all with their own trends, sounds and motives. We’ll help you to identify which ones will love your brand, and how to enter their world, certifiably.
      "OK COOL has been a creative partner to TikTok since the dawn of its popularity in the western world (our founders sometimes joke that they’re the 1st and 2nd employees of TikTok UK.)

      What this actually means is that OK COOL is a go-to for all of TikTok’s creative needs. Over the course of our partnership we’ve produced shoppable live streams, created fashion lines, orchestrated live events, online tutorials with celebrities and linked up with creators on behalf of TikTok— and this is only the tip of the iceberg."
      – Steph Elliott, Head of Client Services
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