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      TikTok Shop

      Pioneering TikTok’s new e-commerce functionalities in partnership with world-leading brands

      Photography/Video/Animation 📹
      Talent Management 😎

      the brief

      In 2021, TikTok launched their e-commerce capabilities, TikTok Shop. This was another major step in molding the app’s future as the hub of entertainment, shopping, and whatever’s to come.

      The feature allows brands and selected creators to promote and sell products via a storefront on their page – or an e-commerce anchor on their in-feed videos and livestreams.

      To mark the launch, TikTok partnered with a wide array of brands across a range of verticals like Beauty, Home, Tech & Electronics, and Fashion.

      the approach

      …Then we joined the party.

      We’ve partnered with TikTok to execute these creator-hosted branded livestreams, featuring top tier brands such as Rimmel, Charlotte Tilbury, Xiaomi, and Apple.

      Our role is to manage the creator relationships end to end, sourcing the perfect creators for each brand, training them on the TikTok Shop functionalities, and producing their branded livestreams. 

      These livestreams range from 1-2 hours each, and feature competitions, giveaways and exclusive discounts.

      The outcome
      Livestream Viewers
      Giveaway participants
      Work with us