Reinventing a Frozen Yogurt brand to appeal to Gen Z audiences

Reinventing a Frozen Yogurt brand to appeal to Gen Z audiences



After a dip in sales and relevance, Snog briefed us to bring their brand back to life and become the definitive brand to follow for culture-centric lifestyle content and frozen yogurt in the UK.

Our ambition was to use pop culture to build loyalty, advocacy and the foundations for long-term brand love.


We researched Snog’s audience; profiling their digital, spending and consumption habits while simultaneously gathering data around British youth culture. 

We focused on their interest in music, fashion and pop culture. Then devised a corresponding tone-of-voice strategy, leveraging UK Gen Z audiences’ fondness for nostalgia to deliver messages with a playful authenticity across all of their channels. 

We developed a TikTok strategy that used creators to promote the brand to new audiences and place Snog in the heart of cultural trends. The aim was to work with London-subculture creators to further cement the brand in the UK market while simultaneously driving awareness to marketing milestones, new menu items, launches and events.


Follower increase by 35% with true fans who regularly engage with the content. 

Viral TikTok videos reaching up to 290k views per video.