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      Amplify Becky Hill’s latest single, and partnering with niche creators to join trending conversations.

      Creative Direction 👩‍🎨
      Paid Ads 💸
      Talent Management 😎
      TikTok Activation 📱

      the brief

      Ahead of Becky Hill’s debut album release, Polydor wanted to generate a bit of buzz. They nominated her track ‘My Heart Goes (La Di Da) to be a part of the action. Of course, as a music-centric platform, TikTok naturally fit into the plan.

      In order to forge the conversations of Becky’s UK audience as well as generating brand awareness and UGC, Polydor needed human content created by leading voices in various niche communities.

      what we did

      First, we identified which TikTok communities Becky Hill’s music was prevalent in, along with scouting out potential future fans on TikTok. From there, we identified a number of formats and topics that would resonate with these viewers.

      We worked up three creative briefs to increase the track’s reach as far as possible. From there, we worked with 10 creators to produce this content and amplify the track.

      …And amplify the track we did. We generated 253.6K views across all of our creator posts, and aided in driving UGC figures to an astounding 14.6k.

      The outcome
      UGC content
      Work with us