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      Working with creators to ‘clap back’ at negativity, and celebrate post-pandemic freedom

      Creative Direction 👩‍🎨
      Multi-channel campaigns 🎛
      Photography/Video/Animation 📹
      Talent Management 😎
      TikTok Activation 📱

      the brief

      After the difficult year we’ve all had, Germany-based fashion behemoth Zalando were looking for an agency to help them express the ‘post-pandemic euphoria’ that we’re all feeling as the pandemic begins to taper off. 

      Zalando wanted this campaign to exude pure joy and positivity by showcasing a hugely diverse set of trendy talent across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

      the approach

      All of this thought and inspiration came into form as the ‘Clap Back’ campaign. We had Zalando offer itself to give confidence and styling inspo to viewers so that they could clap back at the world. We wanted to celebrate who we’ve become over the summer; cheersing to change: new hairstyles, weight gain, the end of a relationship or the beginning of something new. 

      We worked with 22 creators across TikTok and Instagram to create over 70 inspiring TikToks, Reels, and still images to tell their unique Clap Back stories. 

      To tie things all together, we created a bespoke Clap Back track via our music production studio to make sure the message was loud and clear.

      The outcome
      0 assets
      0 creators
      from 5 EU markets
      Work with us