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      Taco Bell Reading

      Taking over Reading Festival with Taco Bell franchisee, T Bello

      Creative Direction πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨
      Paid Ads πŸ’Έ
      Talent Management 😎
      TikTok Activation πŸ“±

      the brief

      Taco Bell’s franchisee, T Bello, wanted to generate brand awareness and drive footfall to their Reading store to attendees of Reading Festival, a huge yearly music festival generally attended by 16-24 year olds.

      To get people talking about Taco Bell, we created limited edition merch which was to be given out to festival goers outside Reading train station as they arrived in the city.

      what we did

      In order to ensure festival goers were aware of this limited edition merch giveaway, we partnered with 4 TikTok creators to produce content and create buzz.Β 

      We inserted Taco Bell organically into the Reading Festival conversation on TikTok, by only working with creators who had previously posted popular content talking about going to the festival.Β 

      To make content as authentic as possible, creators briefs leaned into native TikTok formats, and had the product featured in a subtle way that made sense to the video’s narrative.

      Across the four pieces of organic content, we drove 553k views. We also amplified creator posts using TikTok’s Spark Ads feature, using interest & behaviour based targeting to refine our audience. We achieved a 55% 6s+ VTR across content, exceeding benchmarks – driving 193k additional impressions at a CPM of Β£0.92.

      The outcome
      Organic Views
      6 second + VTR
      total impressions
      Work with us