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      TAG Heuer

      Launching an iconic global luxury watch brand on TikTok with a cast of famous faces

      Content Production ✨
      Creative Direction πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨
      TikTok Activation πŸ“±

      the brief

      With the stratospheric growth of TikTok over the last few years, TAG had become aware that the platform had matured, and interest in the luxury market had increased considerably.Β 

      TAG’s peers in the luxury space were realising the opportunity TikTok presented for them, and had begun to play on the platform to a very warm reception.Β 

      TAG knew it was time to take on TikTok before they were left in the dust by their competitors, and so, they approached OK COOL to take on the launch of the brand’s own TikTok channel.

      what we did

      To launch TAG’s TikTok channel, we concepted and shot platform specific concepts in line with the brand’s upcoming ambassador campaigns with Naomi Osaka, Sydney McLaughlin and Wi Ha Joon (Squid Game).Β 

      Following these shoots, we’ve continued a cadence of creating content around TAG’s busy campaign calendar, shooting with other ambassadors like Jacob Elordi (Euphoria), sports sponsorships like Red Bull Racing and the brand’s collabs with the likes of Porsche.Β 

      The content produced in line with these moments strikes the perfect balance between platform native, and a level of luxury one would expect from a brand like TAG.

      The outcome
      0 million
      total video views
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