Building a digital community for Scape Students


Building a digital community for Scape Students



Scape Students provide beautifully designed student accommodation in incredible locations across London and Brighton, but their social media presence lacked personality and purpose. Scape wanted to build a strong digital identity, grow followers and increase engagement. OK COOL saw an opportunity for their Instagram account to become a “social hub” for students to learn and connect as well as demonstrate to potential residents what it really feels like to live at Scape and be a part of the community.


To achieve this OK COOL developed an in depth social media strategy that connected the brand back with students.

We redesigned the digital tone of voice and creative guidelines to be more in tune with Gen Z.

We identified the purpose of the brand on social media was to entertain, educate, support and inspire. We decided the way to build genuine engagement was to create content from the students, for the students. We created a suite of content pillars that covered every aspect of student life from meal inspiration to digital events, study hacks and student-friendly area guides.

Once the strategy was in place OK COOL commenced monthly content production primarily using an ever-changing mix of Scape residents and student creators to create the content.


Within the first 3 months of content creation Scape Students saw the following results:

  • · 2 million impressions (+578% on the previous year)
  • · 1.5 million reach (+872% on the previous year)
  • · Average engagement rate of 13% (+607% increase and well above industry benchmark)
  • · 8.7k likes (+1723%)
  • · 4.3k comments (the previous year was 0)
  • · 2.9k saves (+29260%)
  • · Followers increased by 43.8%


Most importantly to the client, however, the page is alive and kicking with students interacting with the content and each other. Students outreach to the brand and offer suggestions on the content they’d like to see, create or share proving that the Scape social media accounts have truly become a new part of living at Scape.