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      Gucci Beauty

      Amplifying Gucci Beauty’s sumptuous liquid lipstick launch with TikTok native luxury creative

      Creative Direction πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨
      Music Production 🎧
      TikTok Activation πŸ“±

      the brief

      Gucci Beauty, the beauty offering of the luxury fashion behemoth, was looking to make an impact on TikTok with the launch of their first liquid lipstick.Β 

      The aim of this launch campaign was to inspire the production of UGC, and pique interest in the new product.

      Of course, Gucci is known for its instantly recognisable whimsical take on luxury visual marketing and were keen for this to be translated onto TikTok in a way that felt natural to the platform, yet true to Gucci’s brand.

      what we did

      Gucci Beauty took OK COOL onboard to produce a cohesive creative approach for this launch. Our creative team created a narrative for the product centering upon the theme of the magic mirror.Β 

      Alongside the narrative, we built out a tangible TikTok mechanism to be replicated by creators and users that showcased the product’s transformative properties, and β€˜magical’ transfer-proof formula – in true fashion-forward Gucci style of course.

      To tie this all together, we produced the #HoldMeBoldly campaign track, to aurally communicate the campaign narrative and product key features.

      The outcome
      0 pieces
      of creator content
      0 million
      hashtag views
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