TikTok Shop

When TikTok Shop planned to launch in the US, they knew they had to first win over creators. OK COOL came up with their go-to market strategy and produced digitally native ad creative that can live across several of their B2B accounts. We launched ‘AdCeption’ – a concept where creators produce ad content in a way that not only feels natural to their style, but includes platform-first elements. Creators we’re given a selection of trending formats (think ‘Girl Maths’, ‘Fit Check’ or ‘Hot Girl Walk’), and they shot content in line with some of the most popular videos of the time, tailoring the message to cover specific talking points around how other creators could benefit from using TikTok Shop to sell products to their audience. The result was a series of ads completely native to the platform meaning the audience feel like they’re watching an organic piece of creator content, rather than an ad format. As a result, TikTok ended up reducing the cost per sign up for creators by 20%. Cha-ching!