When Michael Kors approached us to launch their new Colby Bag to gen z, we knew we had to appeal to this audience through the lens of creators. We identified various niches and sub-cultures that appeal to the brand and product – from fashionistas to artists creating innovating content on TikTok. Our goal was to bring both function and emotion-driven stories to life, and highlight the bag as a must-have for this younger demographic. Using three distinct creative concepts, we showcased the new product in various ways, inspiring a wide audience and driving curiosity, which led to increased traffic to Michael Kors’ website and TikTok page. By not only following the predictable fashion route but also embracing more creative and artistic approaches, we met the brand’s need to touch on different verticals in content creation. Whether by styling the bag in a fashionable way or showcasing its print and shape to make it iconic, we effectively captured its essence.