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      Creating national hype for an interactive virtual tournament on TikTok

      Creative Direction 👩‍🎨
      Hashtag Challenge 👯‍♀️
      Multi-channel campaigns 🎛
      Photography/Video/Animation 📹
      Talent Management 😎
      TikTok Activation 📱

      the brief

      My/Mochi, a well known mochi ice cream brand in the US, was looking to create a bang around National Ice Cream Day.

      With events and pop-ups cancelled, My/Mochi needed to take their celebrations online.

      My/Mochi saw an opportunity to get a leg up on their opposition through a TikTok campaign. The question was, ‘how do we do this with a bang?’

      That’s where OK COOL and our partner agency Lovers come in.

      the approach

      Rather than announcing a plain, ol’ giveaway (that most brands usually opt for), we styled the My/Mo Mochi giveaway as a version of the Olympics.

      Want a free My/Mochi pack? 
Earn it!

      We created the My/Mochi Chompionships, hosted by Baddie Winkle – a week-long campaign with fantastical daily games that our followers had to recreate at home to get their free pack of My/Mochi.

      My/Mochi Piñata Creatuive
      The outcome
      Pieces of UGC Content
      Hashtag Views
      TikTok Follower Increase
      Yearly Follower Goal Hit in 1 Week
      Work with us