Creating a Viral Campaign to Raise Awareness for International Day of the Girl

Creating a Viral Campaign to Raise Awareness for International Day of the Girl



Girl Effect tasked OK COOL to come up with a campaign for International Day of the Girl (11 Oct 2020) that changes the conversation around girls, puts girls at the center, supporting and motivating them to make positive daily choices that can define their future and lead to systemic change.

On a brand level, the challenges for Girl Effect: Re-establish the organisation, reach new audiences, communicate its USP, bring together the sector/brands/celebrities/young people, make the case for investing in girls and ultimately, attract interest from potential donors and high net worth individuals 


We developed a robust social strategy and a refreshed look for Girl Effect that spoke to its unapologetic, raw, real and punchy tone of voice. 

Our idea for International Girl of the Day was simple and powerful. We used the insight that girls are constantly told what to do, how to behave, what choices to make by everyone around them. And then flipped it on its head. 

We came up with #TheGirlEffect challenge which encouraged social media users to upload a picture of themselves accompanied by their story – what they were SUPPOSED TO do and what they CHOSE TO do instead. To continue the movement and gain virality we asked that anyone taking part in the challenge to tag a friend (or a couple) Because when one girl unlocks her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so too. She starts a ripple effect that impacts her family, her community, her country.


#TheGirlEffect campaign was picked up by A-list celebrities including  Charlize Theron. Salma Hayek, Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, Maria Sharapova, Lena Dunham and Sophia Bush.

The campaign hashtag was mentioned over 850 times across social channels, gaining 33,895,539 social reach and 672,108 interactions (shares/likes). We grew GE’s followers on Instagram by 47% and profile visits by 100%. 

The campaign was picked up by international press including British Vogue, Vanity Fair, i-D Magazine, BBC Sport, Daily Mail and Yahoo News, among others.  Most importantly, we empowered girls around the world to tell their stories and encourage others to do the same.