Fresh Instagram strategy and creative for the UK’s No.1 dating app

Fresh Instagram strategy and creative for the UK’s No.1 dating app



Bumble commissioned OK COOL to create an Instagram strategy that re-established Bumble’s cultural relevance across the UK & Ireland.


OK COOL developed a strategy and set of perspectives about the role of social media in driving brand preference and relevance for Bumble.

To do so we tapped into what’s happening in culture to create conversations about the journey of dating while simultaneously championing the female perspective.

We implemented a unique, credible brand identity and pivoted focus to better championing diverse people and perspectives.

In addition to developing a strategy, OK COOL are responsible for creating innovative content around the Bumble brand to educate and inspire app usage.

This informed strategy and content which was designed.

We turned their brand proposition into insight was that millennials view dating as the imperfect journey.


By taking an insights-driven approach and with emphasis on macro-trends and Bumble’s internal research, we were able to create a sense of purpose around our Instagram content that added value to Bumble’s audience. Instagram engagement on reach increased by 55% over the course of three months, with the account’s following increasing by 15%. We also noticed the audience taking more purposeful action on the content, as shares and saves on posts increased by 45% and 35%, respectively. Most importantly, Bumble concluded that brand affinity in the UK & Ireland market increased by 25% in the months since OK COOL’s strategy was implemented and app downloads and usage for Bumble is at an all-time high since the global pandemic.