Still curious about Clubhouse? Here’s what we know in 5 takeaways

by Jolyon Varley
Social Media

Things move fast af in social media.

The sudden rise of Clubhouse resulted in a group outpouring where technologists, entrepreneurs and pundits heralded the app as the next massive thing in how we communicate. Now with vaccines heading into arms worldwide, many are asserting that the audio chat platform is redundant in a post pandemic landscape. It might make for juicy reading, but the death of Clubhouse is exaggerated. For now at least, it represents underpriced attention and an efficacious place to market your brand. Here are 🖐🏼 tips for getting heard.

1. Listen first 👂🏼

Clubhouse isn’t podcasting. It’s dynamic, spontaneous, unscripted and co-created. Right now, everyone is learning about the new potential of the network. There are signs that Clubhouse will be used for dating, game shows, musicals, comedy, meditation, sales and expertise. What’s your niche? You won’t know until you’ve put the time in and tapped into the wisdom of the crowd.

2. Be authentic 😍

Lots of social networks are built upon self-aggrandising posts and the pursuit of positive attention: Clubhouse is different. The participatory and live nature of the design lends itself to honest exchanges and intimacy. During our first series of Culture + Feels we were startled and humbled by the honesty of the comments. Guests with a secret agenda or a product to peddle are spotted a mile off. Meanwhile, heart-on-sleeve soul-bearing stuff makes for memorable and poignant discussion.

3. Be patient 🍃

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time,” said the late technological messiah Steve Jobs. He was right. The recently launched platform has celebrities and influencers in the ascendency, but if you’re here now – that is, at the ground floor – you have an opportunity to play the long game. If your club or room numbers fluctuate, hack the process, experiment with the format – just don’t stop.

4. Burst the bubble 🎈📌

The filter bubble, that is. Social networks have become an inescapable echo chamber where algorithms use a deep knowledge of what you’ve seen before to serve you more of it. Clubhouse is emerging as the place where people can challenge confirmation bias and wrest free of groupthink.

5. Start now ✅

If you have a Clubhouse profile, don’t sit on it. Right now, the race is on to figure out how best to monetise the app. The platform is about to become one of the most effective places for brands (or rather, the people behind them) to interact with audiences. Consider the rise of branded salons that assemble visionary voices around a particular subject area. Or the rise of third-party services or marketplaces that connect influencers with companies wanting to hawk a product, service or brand.

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