My/Mo National Ice Cream Month
Getting a nation excited about a virtual TikTok tournament

Getting a nation excited about a virtual TikTok tournament

My/Mo National Ice Cream Month


July is National Ice Cream Month in the US. It’s like the Superbowl for ice cream brands! With events and pop ups cancelled, My/Mo Mochi came to OK COOL and our partner agency Lovers, with a brief to create a TikTok-led social campaign that brings joy and delight to the My/Mo community and stands out from the competition. A main goal for the brand was also to enter TikTok with a bang and earn press mentions. 


Rather than announcing a plain, ol’ giveaway (that most brands usually opt for), we styled the My/Mo Mochi giveaway as a version of the Olympics. Want a free My/Mo Mochi pack? Earn it!

We created the My/Mo Chompionships, hosted by Baddie Winkle – a week-long campaign with fantastical daily games that our followers had to recreate at home to get their free pack of My/Mo Mochi.

To help kick things off we partnered with 19 TikTok influencers who demonstrated how each of the daily games was played and encouraged their fans to mimic them. Each game was launch by an influencer posting on their on TikTok account and encouraging followers to participate. Any player who posted on their own Tiktok and Instagram channels with the hashtag #mymochompionships wins a free pack of My/Mo Mochi


1.5M hashtag views during the campaign period

+576.89% TikTok follower increase, hitting My/Mo’s yearly TikTok follower KPI in a week! 

11,595 TikTok video views 

733 Instagram followers gained during campaign period

125,301 campaign content impressions on Instagram 

116,692 campaign content reach on Instagram

80+ pieces of user-generated content across Instagram and TikTok