OK COOL launches dedicated creative studio for TikTok

by Jolyon Varley
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Life is a lot of dumb luck sometimes. The pandemic meant lockdowns. Lockdowns meant boredom. Boredom caused people to try TikTok for the first time. This is how the app garnered 689m monthly active users. The sudden rise of the video-sharing platform meant that OK COOL could use it to craft campaigns for brands like MY/MOCHI, Girl Effect as well as Nike and JD Sports.

But luck is a fickle thing, and when fortune is blowing in your direction (propelled, admittedly by an ill wind) it’s dumb not to put the sail up. That sail is OK COOL TikTok Studio.

In the last twelve months we’ve been stacking learnings when it comes to TikTok – the audience, the interface, what works, what doesn’t. Crucially, our team of GenZ strategists ensured that OK COOL became complicit in culture as it unfolded on the app. This prompted TikTok to get in touch and ask us how we could work together more. We were no longer a TikTok agency, we were TikTok’s agency.

Then our campaign #JDAirMaxYourWay blew up: Right now, it has 4.2bn views.

It was on and popping. Time then to find a razor sharp TikTok strategist to come in as Head of Studio. We alighted upon Sascha Morgan-Evans, former Talent Development Director at Fanbytes. She had some bright ideas when it came to delivering on our key principles: humanizing brands, connecting them to culture and making cool content that converts.


The OK COOL TikTok Studio has a further ambition: to bring the platform to a host of new sectors that have yet to play here. Many make the mistake of assuming that TikTok is a place reserved for youth brands and Gen Z-friendly products. TikTok is for everyone, as our forthcoming trend report affirms.

While there are innumerable options for how to make a campaign on TikTok, our new studio is guided by a set of rules, as defined by Sascha. I’ve listed them here. If you’d like to know more, drop me a note here or connect with us through the studio.

OK COOL TikTok Studio – golden rules.

1. Be human. Brands have personalities too.

2. Be creator-led. People making stuff is the driving force behind TikTok.

3. Be musically-driven. Tracks make posts viral, inspire mimicry, supercharge brand awareness and product sales

4. Be unexpected. Use TikTok’s filters, transitions and editing tools to maximum effect.

5. Be authentic. TikTok rewards quality and creativity.

6. Be targeted. From Top View to Branded Hashtag Challenges, we help brands navigate ad form.

OK COOL is fast establishing a reputation as the most progressive creative agency making work for brands on TikTok. Check out our dedicated TikTok studio page for more info.

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