Client Services Director

That old adage about ‘a seat on the rocketship’.

This is it.

Covid saw brand budgets shift to social and we were ready to pick them up. We’re on a massive growth trajectory, working with global clients and leaning-in to our unique position as creative and strategic consultants to brands and to the social media platforms themselves. OK COOL is privileged to work directly with Instagram and TikTok on their most crucial projects and feature roll-outs.

Now we are looking for an uncommonly good Client Services Director to help us not mess this up. Specifically, an individual powerhouse who is:

· A digital native (with social specialism)
· Strategic
· Great with clients

This a hybrid role— a harmony of client services and strategy, with more than a dash of entrepreneurship.

This is a senior position within the agency with responsibility to work with the senior management team to position OK COOL as the definite brand in agency land, globally, as expressed through creativity, innovation and growth.

The role will span three crucial areas to support OK COOL’s growth:

· Help us win and deliver exciting new briefs from world class clients
· Nurture new and existing client relationships within the agency
· Develop strategies for social and digital campaigns

You’ll be the type of person who’s plugged into youth culture and obsessed with social trends.

Your job is to lead the client services team. Build relationships with clients, close new business opportunities, construct and oversee teams to deliver the work. This will be your day to day, but that’s only the beginning. You’ll be working with the founders on innovation projects, solving problems that have never been solved before. Projects that drive the company forward and create a point of difference for the agency

We are at a pivotal stage in the agency and are on track to be UK’s coolest digital and social agency and we now need someone to help us run this agency.


This role is broadly split across three areas:
Client Relationships, strategy and overseeing delivery

· Be involved in new business pitches. Developing the structure of each new pitch from narrative to costs
· Develop and maintain excellent relationships with clients with the objective of gaining trust.
· Managing client account groups
· Spot opportunities to drive revenue from clients through exciting, innovative projects
· Ensure all new clients are bedded in through a seamless, professional process
· Work with the operations manager to build teams and resources structures to accommodate new clients and projects
· Ensure output from the teams are delivered to a high standard and are in line with the OK COOL brand
· Develop strategic partnerships with partner agencies

Key attributes
· Natural leader
· Strategically minded
· Expert knowledge of social media
· Culturally plugged in
· Youth-focused
· Is a natural born leader
· Empathetic
· Able to build strong bonds with clients
· Ability to think like an entrepreneur

Key skills
· Experience with strategising and running social campaigns
· Experience with handling the production of campaigns
· Experience running large-scale global campaigns
· 3-4 years of experience in client facing roles
· 2-3 years of experience in social media