If you’re a brand looking for inspiration on how you can improve your TikTok social strategy, here are some of our favourite brands that have managed to seamlessly integrate their brand into the wild world of TikTok. 

by Tyn
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Chipotle is one of the first brands I saw on TikTok that has been killing it from way back; even before the ‘rona (we love a trendsetter). They feature amazing, relevant influencers and talent like David Dobrik who Gen Z basically worships the ground he walks on, making him the perfect TikTok collaborator. They also jump on trends quickly and ensure they take the success of their TikTok from online to off, like turning a Miley Cyrus comment into an actual burrito named after her. 


After becoming the it brand via Instagram (all thanks to their fresh take on being a beauty brand on social media), Starface translated its weird and wonderful aesthetic to TikTok, where quirky content thrives. By constantly regramming UGC, this encourages a lot of users to create content with their product, resulting in a very active and diverse TikTok account with over 17m likes in total.


Social Media kweens really, with the rise of their social presence from their viral tweets. They’ve managed to add a Wendy’s twist when they take part in TikTok trends which is a skill in itself for a food brand. They also tap into every kind of influencer to create content around their brand, from cosplayers to an etch-a-sketch artists, reinforcing the fact that when on TikTok, the more random the better. 

Washington Post

When you think of the Washington Post you think serious, factual and maybe a little boring for TikTok. Their move in hiring a dedicated TikToker to create reactive, funny and relatable content around current issues have proved otherwise though, bringing a light-hearted tone to their more professional website. This clearly speaks to the Gen Z audience on the app as their page has since garnered over 32.4m likes. 


With a ton of video content under their belt, it can be a bit overwhelming for a brand to know what to do with it. Unsurprisingly, Netflix managed to deliver this content on TikTok in fun and innovative ways by creating crossovers between TV shows, a genius idea because it speaks to lots of different demographics and TV fans at the same time. By understanding their audience, they don’t have to unnecessarily jump on TikTok trends that don’t relate to their brand, and this shows through the whopping 12 million followers on their channel. 


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