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We propelled a juice brand to success by first understanding their audience then creating a universe of content around the things they love.

From vegan freakshake recipe videos, food prep ideas and wellness advice, we drew inspiration from cultural trends we knew Coldpress’ audience would respond to.


In switching the focus from product shots to creation of valuable content, we nurtured a community of super fans and unlocked a scalable strategy for growth.

OK COOL are rare in the social space because they recognise the importance of social media driving sales as well as brand affinity. They blend on and off line experience so sales can be maximised and higher ROI can be achieved. They do this by modifying strategy as the brand evolves, testing, learning and redeploying. This results in your audience not being diluted by disinterested consumers. OK COOL demonstrate both the art and science in social media which is rare.

— Roger Harrison, GM at Coldpress