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Benugo briefed us to launch their Vegan Summer Menu with a bang. 

Benugo’s prior content was strategically designed to appear ‘low-effort’ to ensure their social channels felt authentic and human; effortlessly appealing with an aspirational flourish. The Summer Vegan campaign needed to stand-out and grab the attention of their followers. We developed an entirely new creative direction for the campaign using bold, colourful, studio-produced content to underscore the summer theme. 

We produced a cross-channel paid media campaign using a photography series, gifs and animations to drive customers to Benugo stores. We set up an exclusive Instagram discount code which ensured our campaign was trackable. The results were a 30% uptick in sales on their vegan menu. 

We’ve been delighted with the direction our channels have taken since working with OK COOL. They quickly assessed how we should be presenting ourselves to our customers, created a visual aesthetic for us and developed our tone of voice and continue to provide relevant and appropriate suggestions for continuing to build on this success going forward.

— Fiona Byrne, Marketing Director, Benugo

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